Powermaster PowerGEN 1949-53 Flathead Ford Alternator, Plain 12-Volt


If you like traditional looks and reliable, modern performance, you’ll love this cool Flathead 1-wire alternator. It has the look of an original generator but is really a 12-volt, negative-ground alternator that produces 65 amps at idle and 75 amps going down the road. This model is designed to fit 1949-1953 Ford & Mercury Cars and 1948-1953 Ford Trucks with Flathead V8s and features a simple one-wire hookup.



  • 910-67165 Specifications (Link)
  • 0.6625″ shaft
  • Powergen Cutaway View (Link)
  • For dual carb, setups see “shorty” version 82023
  • The belt that runs the fan should not be used to run the generator.