28-32 Chassis

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Brookville Roadster is the premier manufacturer of 1928-32 Frames and chassis. If you have an original or fiberglass 28-32 Ford Body, these will make a great foundation for any 28-32 Ford Street Rod. The Model A, Model A 32 Style and 32 frames are fixtured in a jig and built to customer specifications.


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These frames are fully boxed, TIG welded and gusseted to ensure superior strength and fit. You can buy just a frame or a complete chassis depending on your project. If you wish to build a traditional-style chassis, we offer 4” or 5” dropped axle front ends with 4 bar or hairpin. Or, if you want a more high- tech look, we provide complete independent front suspensions.

28-31 Model A Frame
28-31 Hibody 32 Style Frame
32 Frame