30-31 Roadster Steel Body

The perfect form-factor

The 30-31 Roadster body is the second body style that makes up the four-year Ford Model A line. While the Model A Body styles spanned four years, the 30-31 Roadster body is completely different than the 28-29 Roadster body. Both bodies bolt to the same frame, while each body has its own body character and lines. The 30-31 Roadster body has curved body lines, a taller cowl panel, and a larger door opening than the 28-29.


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Because the foundation of our business was manufacturing body panels to restore original Model As, the 30-31 Roadster body became the next logical body for us to reproduce. This classic All Steel 30-31 body is made of the same gauge steel as that of the original Ford body. All body panels are totally interchangeable with the original Ford Body. This is Brookville Roadster’s fourth all-steel roadster body in its extensive line of all-steel body choices.