Dual Belt Kit


This set-up utilizes a single serpentine belt to drive the supercharger and a V-belt to drive the generator/alternator and water pumps.


38-48 Flathead Polished
38-48 Flathead Satin
38-48 Flathead, Polished – BK
49-53 Flathead, Polished
49-53 Flathead, Satin
49-53 Flathead, Polished – BK



Kit includes:

  • WEIAND 142 Supercharger, gasket, and driven pulley
  • Champion Manifold
  • Supercharger & accessory (6Nrib) pulley drive system
  • 6Nrib water pump pulleys and hubs
  • All required hardware

Requires (not included):

  • Offenhauser P/N 1093 offset generator bracket
  • Stock generator and belt (both readily available locally)
  • Dual Carb Adapter if running 2×2 carburetors
  • Oil filler/breather (stock or custom assembly available from aftermarket)
  • 12V Alternator (call for recommendations)
  • 8BA requires Mallory distributor (HEI and MSD require custom installation, call for info)


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38-48 Flathead, Polished, 38-48 Flathead, Satin, 38-48 Flathead, Polished – BK, 49-53 Flathead, Polished, 49-53 Flathead, Satin, 49-53 Flathead, Polished – BK